We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, endorsed by Archbishop Coakley, founded by a small group of central Oklahoma women in 2006.

We are committed to keeping the registration fee at an affordable rate, and will not turn away anyone who wants to attend but is unable to pay as long as there is room. We know that God is truly blessing this conference and the women who attend, and we ask for your help in continuing this mission.

Below is a menu of sponsorship opportunities. Any amount you can contribute will be appreciated and used in the wisest possible manner.

Lunch Sponsor (2 available): $2,500

Speaker Sponsor (2 available): $2,000

Conference Program Sponsor: $1,000 (or in-kind printing)

Breakfast Sponsor: $1,000

Tote Bag Sponsor: $750 (or provide 600 tote bags)

Goodie Bag Item Sponsor #1: $500 (pays for pens, tissues, etc.)

Goodie Bag Item Sponsor #2: (provide 600 items of value for all attendees)

Religious Lunch Sponsor: $500 (pays for lunches provided to Priests and Sisters attending)

Free WiFi Sponsor: $300

Prayer Card Sponsor: $250

Goodie Bag Insert Sponsor: $50 (provide 600 flyers or brochures for goodie bag)

Attendance Sponsor: (to cover costs for the religious and those unable to pay)     ____ registrations @ $60 = $_________
Donation of item for silent auction ($25 minimum value)

$__________ to be used as needed


    Please download the Donation form for a tax deductible donation.

    donation form 2018.pdf
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