Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please email or call us!

How can I register? What if I don't have internet access?
Over 80% of our participants register and pay online.  Those who register online will receive a ticket, although you don't need a ticket to attend.  Anyone is free to register in whatever manner they choose. Paper registration forms will be available in your parish office or can be downloaded from the web site.


I have not pre-registered, can I still attend?
Please check the conference web site or the voice mail message as to space availability. Due to fire department regulations, we cannot accept more than 800 registrations. If you do not pre-register you will pay the late registration fee and may not be guaranteed a lunch.


How can I register a group of people and make one payment?
Our online registration can handle both individual and group registrations. You can also print out the registration form and mail in the applications with one check.


If I register and then I can't come, can I get a refund?
Because this is a non-profit organization, all of our staff volunteers their time and resources. We strive to be good stewards of the funds we receive, and carefully consider our budget for printing, postage and speaker fees. Because most of our expenses occur in preparing for the conference, there is no way to refund an individual's registration fees, because the money has already been spent. You are welcome to transfer your registration to another person to attend in your place. If you are not able to do that, we will consider your registration a donation and you will receive a tax receipt for the amount that you paid to register.
Why do you charge a fee to attend the conference?
Unfortunately, conferences cost money, and a lot of it. Not only must we pay for speaker stipends and travel expenses, but also lunch, facility, publicity, printing, postage and other miscellaneous expenses. We try to keep the cost to a minimum by eliminating extra expenses. Some parishes may help defer the cost to attend. If you are not able to pay the fee, we still want you to attend. Just fill out the registration form, check "guest" and send it in. Free registration does not include lunch, you must purchase that separately.


What kind of vendors will be at the conference?
Due to the focus of the conference, as well as physical limitations, we are limiting the vendors to those with Catholic products or services only. Potential vendors are invited to email us with a description of their products for consideration. Vendor registration is by invitation only. Some vendors may not accept credit cards, so please plan accordingly.


Will there be a Mass?
Yes, the conference will open with a Daily Mass at 8 a.m.  If you do not arrive in time to attend the Mass, please wait quietly in the break area and enjoy some refreshments. The vendors WILL NOT be open during Mass.


What if I don't want to eat the boxed lunch? What if I have special dietary restrictions?
Our contract with the facility includes lunch, so we are not able to reduce your conference fee if you choose not to eat the boxed lunch. The facility prohibits bringing in outside food and beverage, but you are welcome to leave the premises to eat at a local restaurant if you choose. The lunch will include a choice of a turkey, ham or beef sandwich, a bag of chips, a cookie and coffee, tea or water. If you have special dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian or no dairy, please let us know and we will make an effort to accommodate you.


Is child care available?
Unfortunately we do not have the space to provide this service. Nursing mothers are welcome, but the venue is not conducive for toddlers or young children in strollers.


I'm bringing a group, can we all sit together?
We are unable to have reserved seating at the conference. Registration will open at 7 a.m. so you can arrive in plenty of time to all sit together.


May my daughter attend?
Yes, she may. The conference may be a wonderful mother-daughter bonding time. Due to the theme of the conference, the material may not be suitable for children under 15.


I see the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered, am I expected to go?
No, you do not have to go. Reconciliation should be a beautiful, non-intimidating experience, a sacrament designed by God to let Him carry your heavy burdens. If you do not feel called to attend, feel free to shop our many vendors, enjoy the boxed lunch, or visit with the speakers and other attendees. No one will judge you if you do not go.


What if I'm not Catholic, can I still attend the conference?
Yes! The speakers' topics, the worship and praise, the prayers and the fellowship can be appreciated by all Christian denominations, not only Catholics.


I have fallen away from the Church and am hesitant to attend, am I welcome?
You are fully and completely welcome. We want you to come, to take that one step back toward God and His church. Sometimes all it takes is just one step to bring about a major change. Since the inception of the planning efforts, the planning committee has been praying specifically for you, that you will come home.